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Chef Yvonne has spent over 25 years perfecting her craft, exhibited by the unique blend of flavors and culinary styles in her cooking.


Yvonne's story began in her grandmother’s kitchen, where she learned to make traditional Middle-Eastern dishes that had been passed down through the generations. 

Since childhood, she has never strayed far from the kitchen, training under notable chefs across Chicago, building a catering business and eventually opening her first restaurant in 2002.

Yvonne then made a move to California and established Reverence, first as a creative catering service for the Bay Area, and now with a café outpost in Los Gatos. The Reverence offering can be boiled down to three things: always fresh ingredients, global flavors, and the highest quality.


"Yvonne is a pleasure to be around. She is inventive, an expert and works with her staff and clients with utmost consideration. She will do whatever is asked of her, with energy and pride of workmanship put forth in the products and service she brings forward. Her personality is upbeat and she has a great sense of humor. I would find working with Yvonne again a pleasure and would recommend her to anyone."

— Jeffery Bernard, Client

" Yvonne is extremely passionate about food and how it is presented in taste and as art. I highly recommend and invite all to join Yvonne at her table."

— Meridith Grundei, Client

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